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We take pride in providing fair and hassle-free property services.

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We Buy Houses As-Is

No Repairs. No Closing Costs. No Hassles.

We Lease Quality Homes

Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas.

We Manage Properties

Administrative and Service Calls

We Train and Consult

Systems and Resources for New Investors

Deja W

“I will not be moving anytime soon. He is the best landlord I have ever had.”

Stephanie S

“Been leasing through this company for 3+ years and have always had great attention when needed!”

Bradley M

“I would recommend WDJTAI!”

Available Homes

1829 Randall Ave

1829 Randall Ave

600 Skyview Dr

600 Skyview Dr


2155 Lehigh Pl

2155 Lehigh Pl


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Equal Housing Opportunity

We make housing available without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, familial status, ancestry, or military status.

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